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Welcome to Kanava Global ConnectionTM, Kanava International LLC’s new blog on all things international. We encourage discussion of global issues and emerging trends in international development, geopolitics, and cross-cultural issues. We will share information and stories that we hope will inform readers and also stimulate debate on the future of regional stability and economic development around the world. We will examine civil-military, defense, and diplomatic topics as they relate to stability and growth, and perspectives on cultural change around the world. And we welcome discussions on best practices and innovative ideas, ethics and compliance, and ways to help improve people’s lives.

We invite people with a global interest to be guest bloggers and contribute to the blog. You might write about a global challenge, or focus on something interesting and different about some part of the world, such as an experience in another culture you have encountered. Some posts may be very serious, while others might be whimsical. Please add your photos to your postings, both for their intrinsic interest and to help our readers gain a better understanding of your subject.

Kanava Global ConnectionTM welcomes debate and will not shy away from potentially controversial topics, but we hope contributors will also offer positive solutions in the spirit of Henry Ford who said, “Don’t [just] find fault, find a remedy. Anyone can complain.” We would like these blog posts to be a place to carry on a discussion between experts and laypeople alike through our comment section. There are many things to discuss in the world, whether challenges we are facing globally, regional issues, country issues, and community issues, things that we celebrate as successes, or just reporting on things that are going unnoticed by the mainstream news.

Through Kanava Global ConnectionTM we seek to contribute to the global dialogue on issues (large and small) that are important to the world we live in – shining light on challenges, as well as innovative, game-changing initiatives and ideas consistent with out company motto “empowering organizational success.”

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Susan Puska is a retired U.S. Army Colonel turned entrepreneur with over 25 years experience in logistics operations, who also served as China Foreign Area Officer. She led Joint Logistics Support operations to over 30,000 Cuban and Haitian refugees and supported humanitarian medical assistance in Mongolia. She is a noted China expert who has written on political-military, logistics modernization, crisis management, and research and development topics. Her forthcoming publication is 'Commissars of Weapons Production: The Chinese Military Representative System,' with Debra Geary and Joe McReynolds, in "Forging China's Military Might: A New Framework for Assessing Innovation," edited by Tai Ming Cheung.

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