About Kanava

graphic rev 2Kanava seeks to harness challenges to create opportunities that promote economic development. We link international and domestic best practices to grow markets and strengthen the impact our clients have on their communities.

After a successful career as a U.S. Army officer, Susan Puska, Kanava’s founder, established a woman-owned, service-disabled veteran-owned small business, Kanava International LLC, in 2012.

Recognizing the links between peace, security, and economic wellbeing, she sought to establish a company focused on helping small and medium-sized enterprises and non-profits strengthen their systems to become well-managed and reliable partners, increasing their ability to expand their markets or increase their funding sources to positively impact their communities.

“Kanava” (pronounced KA-na-va) describes a communication channel in Finnish, Susan’s heritage. Combined with the Kanava logo illustrating global connections, we focus on opportunities that can link international and domestic economic development skills, knowledge, and experience to promote economic growth in communities around the world by providing offerings in management capacity building and global services. We work with commercial companies, non-profits, and local governments to strengthen their operational effectiveness as we believe that each type of organization has a role to play in the economic resilience of its community. Kanava seeks to be a trusted partner in fostering regional economic development.

Kanava partners with organizations to expand their opportunities through the delivery of tailored solutions to enhance their capabilities and deepen their understanding of their markets. We also provide cross-cultural training for companies working overseas, and organizations working with a diverse workforce at home. Our focus is to help strengthen organizations to advance their long term growth and sustainability, enabling their communities to be more prosperous and resilient.

We also partner with our clients to provide mentoring and coaching to help them strengthen their organizations to be better positioned to grow their business or broaden their impact. Additionally, we seek to link these organizations to new markets and funding sources, empowering them with new ways to do more.

Kanava and its team have extensive experience in operations, both internationally and domestically, with careers in international development, defense, diplomacy, and the private sector. We have a strong bench of multi-faceted consultants who have worked all over the world, solving complex issues in real-time. We are problem solvers, leveraging best practices and lessons learned to address the challenges before us.