Global Services

Kanava provides global services designed to strengthen the ability of our clients to overcome domestic and international challenges by assisting them to expand their markets and reach. Reliable and relevant information is essential to building the capacity of a business, non-profit, or government entity. Our multidisciplinary experts produce research and analysis, training, and operational support, tailored to the needs and requirements of our clients.

Additionally, thanks to the background and experience of Kanava’s founders, we are committed to working in the nexus between development, defense, and diplomacy to promote short-term diplomatic initiatives and long-term economic development activities, leading to a more stable and secure world.

Research & Analysis (R&A)

Kanava’s Research and Analysis Team focuses on serving the varied needs of clients working globally, whether they are government entities, international development organizations, commercial enterprises, or non-profits. We provide tailored geopolitical, socio-economic, and security-related research and analysis to assist clients to assess risks, security issues, and market entry challenges to better position them to operate successfully in a complex and competitive environment. We develop specialized reports on companies, industries, or countries/regions, and topics of concern to clients, as well as provide trend analysis and market assessments. We leverage original source research and data collection to develop comprehensive, integrated analysis of key topics relevant to the client. Our team is committed to synthesizing complex data and information to provide pragmatic analytical findings to address critical customer needs.


Our team of professionals provides training to prepare clients for overseas meetings or assignments, assist organizations with multi-ethnic workforces, and plan for visits by foreign delegations. We provide logistics support, arrangement of meetings, and pre-departure briefings. Kanava’s also works with clients on country-specific negotiation tactics and on conflict resolution issues.

Additionally, we provide management capacity building training, such as on new systems and procedures, customer service, and security awareness.

Operational Support

Kanava provides support to organizations to diversify their funding sources, partnering opportunities, and vendor selection. We can assist in expanding beyond current markets, whether with the federal government, foundations, or international clients. Our services are customer focused to help determine the best avenue to grow local businesses and non-profits.