Management Capacity Building

Management capacity is a set of cross-cutting skills at the heart of an organization’s sustainability and growth. Kanava provides management capacity building support and training to commercial companies, non-profits, and local governments to strengthen their ability to expand their markets, whether with a current client, as part of a large company’s supply chain, or to source additional funding, increasing their ability to grow.

Because we focus on strengthening organizations, Kanava is able to work with clients in any industry or sector. We help these organizations build organizational systems, train personnel, and seek new markets. As a result, they are able to better deliver their goods or services, allowing for increased revenues and greater impact through job creation and regional economic development.

Kanava is passionate about management capacity building, a key but often overlooked component required for the sustainability of an organization. We seek to be a trusted advisor to help organizations build or strengthen their systems and train their personnel. Our staff has extensive experience building systems. We approach our assistance through a structured methodology, but provide client-driven solutions that are tailored to client needs, and incorporate a mix of peer-to-peer mentoring and coaching, training, or outsourcing.

Kanava works with both U.S. and international organizations. While our solutions are scaled to the client’s needs, we deliver high-quality support, leveraging best practices to develop innovative approaches. Our management capacity building services are defined as non-financial services and offered to companies and non-profits at any stage of their business needs. These services are primarily aimed at skills transfer or business advice, and can include accounting, financial, marketing, general administration, and management skills and systems. This synergistic approach helps make organizations more successful and stimulates regional economic development, which contributes to the creation of more resilient communities.

Operational Platforms

We work with all types of organizations to ensure they have the organizational capabilities to scale up and diversify their activities. We work hand-in-hand with our clients to determine their needs and develop tailored and appropriate client-driven solutions. As appropriate, we can carry out a robust but efficient assessment, develop a gap analysis, and design a holistic capacity building plan for the organization, which can be implemented incrementally. Based on the prioritization of targeted areas for investment, Kanava can assist in creating or strengthening policies, systems, or procedures, emphasizing a systematic approach, and conduct accompanying training. By strengthening an organization’s operational platform, it will be better positioned to expand its current client base or develop new markets.

Capacity Support

For our capacity support services, we provide supplemental support to our clients by supplying outsourced assistance in areas such as:

  • U.S. government contracting and compliance
  • IT/Website support
  • Human resources
  • Accounting
  • “Friendly audits”
  • Project management

ISD™ Certification Program

We believe that a structured and streamlined way to build and vet management capacity is critical to scaling up the sustainable development of organizations, whether commercial companies or non-profits. A key challenge for clients is determining which organizations can be good partners without a systematic way to measure or demonstrate an organization’s management capacity.

To address this challenge, Kanava has developed the Impact Strengthening Development (ISD)TM Certification Program, which provides organizations with a systematic methodology and benchmarking tool that builds their capacity to enhance their systems and management expertise. ISDTM expands the pool of well-managed and reliable potential partners, and allows certified organizations to readily demonstrate their level of management capacity to clients or investors, leading to maximized resource effectiveness and impact. ISDTM is not an audit, but rather a flexible tool to build capacity from the ground up, marrying local knowledge and experience with comprehensive management expertise, adapted to local conditions.

ISDTM is a practical, innovative, multi-level program that provides assurances of a company’s management sophistication, mitigates risks to clients, and offers companies a transparent roadmap for long-term growth and development. Following our operational platform approach, an assessment, gap analysis, and capacity building plan will be developed for the target organization. We are working with the International Society for Performance Improvement (ISPI), George Mason University, and GlobalWatch Technologies to develop an open system accessible to all, leveraging industry best practices and appropriate IT technology.

The ISDTM Certification Program leads to

  • Stronger companies and non-profits whose ability to manage increased levels of business and/or investments is enhanced, leading to long-term growth and job creation.
  • Reliable companies and organizations for potential partnerships.
  • Increased market share, job creation, and local economic development.
  • A framework that standardizes how organizations can demonstrate their management capability, provide a way to compare companies, and streamline the vetting process.