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With more than 50 years of experience in 130 countries, the International Executive Service Corps (IESC) knows how to work with the private sector to spur economic development. In the world’s least developed areas, though, local economies often depend on small community-based organizations to offer vital services that can mean the difference between subsistence and growth.


West Africa 

It's a sign of just how large the continent is that West Africa alone comprises a dozen countries, the most expansive of them -- Mali and Niger -- completely land-locked. Combined, these 12 countries boast a wealth of agricultural production that, together with other value-added industries like apparel, net a sizable proportion of their governments' annual budgets. 



Straddling Afghanistan’s northern border with Uzbekistan, Mazar-i-Sharif is a picturesque city of just over half-a-million residents, most of them dependent on agriculture or trade for their livelihoods. Like the farming that lies at the heart of its economy, much of what drives work in Afghanistan’s fifth-largest city is the ability to hedge against the unknown.

We Deliver Development.

“In the past, we received several management capacity building trainings carried out by national and international organizations. KANAVA’s ISD tool, however, was the first to offer us a common and consistent approach to developing improved strategies and mechanisms.” 

CEO, Nasir Azizi Agriculture Services Company, Mazar-i-Sharif, Afghanistan


Who We Are

As a women-owned and service-disabled veteran-owned small business, KANAVA brings half a century of experience in military operations and international development. Together, our leadership team works to apply the very best in industry practices to solving the world’s most pressing challenges -- one institution at a time. 

The KANAVA Story 

Large international development contractors implement hundreds of millions of dollars in aid projects around the globe. Into this landscape, two women decided to launch their own small business. This is the KANAVA story. 

Leadership Team

Our leadership team has a proven track record of delivering smart, cost-effective solutions for our clients. With decades of combined experience, KANAVA executives mobilize the right resources to build the capacity of local organizations.   


KANAVA employs diverse consultants as well as staff in specially designated economic development zones, supporting local employment and reflecting the firm’s core mission: spurring economic growth at home as well as abroad.



What We Offer

KANAVA experts collaborate with institutions in developing countries and elsewhere to implement the firm’s proprietary Impact Strengthening Development (ISD) tool, a practical resource to improve organizations’ management systems -- helping them become more sustainable while making them more effective stewards of donor funds and stronger partners.   



KANAVA's Impact Strengthening Development (ISD) tool has helped measure and improve the management capacity of international development professionals and organizations, from West Africa to Cambodia, Afghanistan, and the United States. Using a systematic approach, which will soon be available online, KANAVA experts guide organizations through the nine building blocks of effective management, helping them identify gaps and devise a strategy for addressing them.    



In addition to its leadership team and U.S.-based staff, KANAVA maintains an extensive database of consultants with experience working around the globe. With ongoing projects on three continents, KANAVA knows how to mobilize the right experts to address the capacity-building needs of organizations, no matter where they fall on the development spectrum. And with our worldwide experience, we know how to work within a diverse range of organizational cultures, remaining sensitive to local norms and expectations.        



KANAVA's experienced international researchers provide clients with objective, data based critical analysis. We offer tailored geopolitical, socio-economic, and security-related research and analysis to assist clients to assess risks, security issues, and market entry challenges, better positioning them to operate successfully in a complex and competitive environment. In addition to specialized reports on companies, industries, or regions, we also provide trend analysis and market assessments.



How We Deliver

By leading hands-on workshops aimed at assessing partner organizations’ management strengths and weaknesses, we foster opportunities to learn in a supportive, impact-focused setting. KANAVA facilitators have been recognized worldwide for their ability to inspire open, honest conversations that spur real change.  


KANAVA experts work directly with organizational leaders and staff to assess their management systems. This guided, collaborative process ensures buy-in and leads to meaningful change across the organization.   


Once the assessment phase is complete, KANAVA organizes specialized training sessions for specific functional areas needing improvement. From human resources to financial management, we work with the people directly responsible for affecting change.     

Research & Analysis

After every assessment and training activity, KANAVA experts work with the organizations they have advised to document lessons learned and look for ways to continuously refine policies and procedures. KANAVA also offers clients geopolitical analysis and market research. 


Where We Deliver

From West Africa to Cambodia to Afghanistan and beyond, KANAVA delivers development. We adapt to the needs of our clients wherever we work while bringing a standard approach to strengthening our partners’ impact -- across sectors, geographies, and cultures. With worldwide reach, KANAVA can field consultants in virtually any country. 

Current Projects 

Demand for KANAVA’s innovative management capacity-building approach continues to grow, doubling in our first two years and projected to continue this trend.  


KANAVA has partnered with some of the world’s leading international development firms, adding value at both the proposal and implementation stages of projects.


KANAVA's work has been sought out by international development organizations and academic institutions in the United States and abroad. 


Work With Us

KANAVA has partnered with some of the world’s largest international development firms. To explore partnership opportunities, please complete the form below. 

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