Kanava Participates in THE Performance Improvement Conference 2015


Carol Yee, KANAVA International's Chief Operating Officer, presented “The Missing Link to Building Strong Partners,” on KANAVA’s Impact Strengthening Development (ISD) Certification Program in an “out of the box” roundtable discussion at THE Performance Improvement Conference 2015 in San Antonio, Texas, April 26-29 – the annual conference of the International Society for Performance Improvement (ISPI). Participants to the discussions included both international development professionals, as well as those who work domestically. Carol outlined the methodology of ISD and its benefits to target organizations. More importantly, she was able to exchange views on the certification program with people from different industries to see how the program can serve their diverse clients.


The ISPI conference brought together nearly 500 performance improvement professionals from all walks of life who work domestically and internationally. Performance improvement is the systematic approach to improving productivity and competence. The conference focused on four branches: learn, connect, celebrate, and enjoy. Participants had opportunities to interact and learn from colleagues who are passionate about performance improvement, focused on achieving results for the organization.

While the conference focused on a number of issues, ranging from organizational design interventions, process or tool interventions, and instructional interventions, a new track was included in the conference – Performance Improvement in Developing Countries. This allowed for rich discussions, from both international development organizations, as well as consultants who work on projects overseas. Some of the discussions centered on USAID’s Human and Institutional Capacity Development (HICD) work, which is a USAID model of structured and integrated processes designed to identify root causes of performance gaps in host country partner institutions, address those gaps through a wide array of performance solutions in the context of all human performance factors, and enable cyclical processes of continuous performance improvement through the establishment of performance monitoring systems.

Everyone Carol talked to about ISD responded positively to the idea, and we continue to welcome feedback of implementers as we scale-up the concept, both internationally and domestically!