After a Great Year, KANAVA Looks Ahead to 2018


We at KANAVA would like to wish you all a very happy new year. As we embark upon the year ahead, we’re grateful for the opportunity to build on the work we’ve done in 2017—work that has helped improve people’s lives both here in America and abroad.

We were honored to have that work recognized recently as part of the USAID Global Development Lab’s Global Innovation Week. KANAVA was the only small business among the 21 honorees, chosen for our pledge to make our digitized Impact Strengthening Development (ISD) tool—a practical, management capacity-building system—available to many more local organizations around the world.

Already, ISD has helped improve organizations in Cambodia, northern Afghanistan, and throughout West Africa. We’ll be featuring stories from these early adopters on our brand new blog and website, slated to go live early in 2018. In the meantime, KANAVA has been hard at work training new staff, consultants, and partners in the ISD methodology, fine-tuning nine modules covering everything from governance and ethics to human resources and financial management.

As one ISD implementer in Afghanistan said of his team’s experience with ISD, the assessment and training help organizations “become more effective and take on bigger and more significant challenges.” That’s our goal here at KANAVA—for our partners and for ourselves. In fact, we’re thrilled to report that our projected revenue for 2017 will represent double last year’s number and an almost five-fold increase since our first billable work in 2014. That’s a remarkable milestone for our five-year-old company. But we’re just getting started.

Our vision includes an ISD tool that is open-source, franchisable, and scalable, bringing clear metrics—and the means to improve them—to development projects worldwide. To do that, we are mobilizing talent in the countries where we work, including right here in the United States. As we reported recently on our website, we’ve added new staff in specially designated economic development zones throughout the country, a move that aims to extend the enormous job-creation potential of the international development industry.

As ever, we’re excited to be a part of that industry. As we’ve grown from a two-women start-up to a trusted partner among donor agencies and implementing organizations worldwide, we’ve kept true to our founding mission: to spur economic development by strengthening the organizations with which we work.

We look forward to continuing that work in 2018.

Kanava International