How We Deliver

By leading hands-on workshops aimed at assessing partner organizations’ management strengths and weaknesses, we foster opportunities to learn in a supportive, impact-focused setting. KANAVA facilitators have been recognized worldwide for their ability to inspire open, honest conversations that spur real change.  


KANAVA experts work directly with organizational leaders and staff to assess their management systems. This guided, collaborative process ensures buy-in and leads to meaningful change across the organization. KANAVA offers:

  • Comprehensive assessments of organizations' management operational platforms. Using our Impact Strengthening Development (ISD) tool, KANAVA will work with your organization to design an assessment customized to your budget and available personnel.

  • Tailored sessions to address specific management capacity challenges. For organizations with pre-identified needs, we will work with management to conduct an advance baseline survey of participants to pinpoint goals and assess current knowledge.


Once the assessment phase is complete, KANAVA organizes specialized training sessions for specific functional areas needing improvement. From human resources to financial management, we work with the people directly responsible for affecting change. KANAVA offers:  

  • One-on-one or classroom-style trainings, including for multiple organizations working toward common goals.

  • Mentoring and coaching for organizational staff and managers.

  • Templates outlining best practices and how to implement them.

Research & Analysis

After every assessment and training activity, KANAVA experts work with the organizations they have advised to document lessons learned and look for ways to continuously refine policies and procedures. KANAVA offers: 

  • Critical analysis based on data, comparative assessment and knowledge of best practices.

  • Geopolitical studies and "big data" market research by country, region, customer, or value chain.

Contract Vehicles

KANAVA participates in a number of contract vehicles allowing us to support client needs worldwide. We are currently subcontractors on the following U.S. Government Indefinite Delivery Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) contracts:

  • USAID Strengthening Tenure and Resource Rights (STARR) II, through Tetra Tech ARD

  • USAID Integrated Health Systems (HIS), through Palladium

  • Department of State Performance Management and Evaluation Services (PMES) Functional Area 1 – Security, through Dexis Consulting

  • Department of State Performance Management and Evaluation Services (PMES) Functional Area 3 - Diplomacy, through Dexis Consulting

  • U.S. Department of the Navy SeaPort Next Generation, through SynaVoice

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